how to make a free flash website.

Another great video from Tinkernut.

Thus one shows how to make a free flash website.

One thing I don’t understand though is that if we use images in (Small_thumbs) folder, we can play the file properly when on my hard drive, but if I upload to the internet, it does not show my images .

We are using this code: this.fram1.loadMovie(“Small_Thumbs/picture.jpg”)


How to make flash animations

Above is a really useful video by Tinkernut.

By the way, if you want to upload the anmiation to youtube, then I think powerbullet works really well.

Maelstrom Preview

Joint meeting of LA Flash & LAFX

7:00 PM: Meeting Introduction

7:15 PM: Tim Brady ( web | email ) will present on how and why do you program a one-frame Flash movie? As programmers get more experienced with Flash they tend to use less of the timeline. This usually saves on development time and can offer solutions that would otherwise be too difficult with the timeline. I’ll introduce five programming tools that will get you started on this style: variables, arrays, attachMovieClip, dynamic text and function. It may be a big jump from your current style but this will show you where you could be going. Tim Brady is a freelance Web developer in Los Angeles. He has over 10 years of experience creating interactive media.

8:15 PM: THE MAIN EVENT… Flash Product Manager Mike Downey will give us a sneak peak for what to expect in Maelstrom, the next-generation Flash Player.

9:15 PM: Jacob Bullock ( web | email ) will present to the group on how to create and use Flash V2 Components, using ActionScript 2.0 and Flash MX 2004.
View the Breeze Archive of Jacob’s Presentation >>

9:15 PM: RAFFLE and group networking time. We will be giving away a 3 copies of Studio MX 2004 and a variety of Wildform software.

How to integrate Macromedia Captivate simulations with Flash

7:15 PM: R Blank ( | will discuss How to integrate Macromedia Captivate simulations with Flash. Captivate (formerly Robo-Demo) is Macromedia’s new tool for rapid e-learning and simulation development, and many Flash developers may be called upon to integrate Captivate-generated SWFs into larger Flash projects. R will address some of the available methods, as well as the current limits of the technology. View the Breeze Archive of R’s Presentation >>

Following R’s presentation, a Macromedia Captivate engineer will discuss using Captivate as an e-learning tool. There will be a Q&A session following both presentations.

About R Blank
R Blank, the founder and manager of the LA Flash MMUG, is a Macromedia Certified Flash Designer and Developer who has developed Flash applications for clients including IKEA, Hilton, Mars, Microsoft and Reebok.

8:30 PM: Team Macromedia member Jack Cardinal ( will demo his amazing Whizbang Wireless Casino and discuss Flash beyond the browser. The Whiz bang Wireless Casino powers the Kia Cash Bash, an annual sales rewards event for top Kia sales managers from across the US. In 2004 the casino tracked and distributed rewards of over $2 million amongst 300 barcoded players. Data (over 10,000 separate values) was shared in real time between 4 wireless kiosks, a giant video screen and 8 wireless checkout stations.

About IntoMotion
IntoMotion is a Los Angeles-based interactive technology studio devoted to the development of Flash applications for CD/DVD, Internet and wireless. IntoMotion has been chosen on projects for AIG, Belkin, Cox Communications, DeVry University, Disney, J.D. Power and Associates, Kia American Motors, Ford Motor Company, Maritz, Motorola, Red Bull, Toyota, Scion and Volvo.

About Jack Cardinal
Jack Cardinal is President and Founder of IntoMotion and a nationally-recognized Flash expert. He is a Macromedia certified Flash developer and designer, a 2004 Macromedia Max Awards Finalist, a FlashForward Conference speaker, a member of Team Macromedia Flash and a Senior Lecturer at Otis College of Art and Design. Since 2003 his revolutionary and innovative wireless applications have powered training and incentive events for Toyota, Volvo and Kia in 17 cities across the U.S.

7:00 Meeting intro

7:10 Paul Rother (email) will show-and-tell us about his recent project, the Toro ECXTRA Sprinkler Timer’s Scheduling Advisor. Customers using the Scheduling Advisor and and Time Pod Transport Module on their home computer are able to adjust and maintain their watering schedule. Scheduling Advisor recommends the proper watering schedule based on the customer’s local weather, plant type and sprinkler type. Once programmed, the USB Time Pod is used to transfer the schedule to the ECXTRA Sprinkler Timer. Paul Rother has programmed everything from rock & roll light shows to welding machines, 3d effects, and yoga class schedules, to mention a few.

7:45 John Schuman (email), Macromedia Product Specialist, will demonstrate Flex – Macromedia’s Rich Internet Application development tool. View the Breeze presentation >>

9:00 Elliot Mebane (email), Los Angeles Flash Extension Manager, will discuss how to do the impossible – implement transparency in Flash Video (FLV does not natively support a transparent alpha channel). Roguish (email | web) and R Blank Interactive Design (email | web) just released an interactive Virtual Cat that lives on top of the Whiskas homepage ( The presentation will cover the entire process from green-screen footage to After Effects footage preparation to Flash implementation. View the Breeze presentation >>